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"Motivated by sincerity, I seek a profound emotional connection in my projects. I hold a steadfast belief that visual aesthetics serve as the most powerful storytellers. I prioritize meticulous research, precision, and adept multitasking in my work."

Elena Michalea, a freelance Art Director, draws inspiration from emotions and art as she passionately pursues her work. Her primary objective is to establish a cohesive brand identity for your fashion brand through fashion campaigns and digital marketing. Her process begins with:


1. Identifying your target audience.

2. Strategically positioning your product and business.

3. Crafting a distinctive personality for your company.


This approach enables her to not only attract but also maintain a loyal customer base for any fashion brand. She achieves this by consistently delivering visual communication that seamlessly aligns with the brand's core values.


By dedicating herself to the art of crafting bespoke projects for fashion campaigns, her career is marked by a rich history of orchestrating captivating fashion shoots mostly in Greece's most enchanting and authentic locations, where her extensive expertise shines through. With a passion for creating visually stunning narratives, Elena Michalea is known for her commitment to bringing brands' visions to life, always focusing on the collaborative spirit that drives her work.

What truly sets her apart is her extensive network of local professionals who are not only incredibly talented but also deeply passionate about their craft. She has carefully curated a team of creative minds, each bringing their unique expertise and flair to the table. 

She takes pride in fostering a collaborative and innovative environment, where ideas flourish, and visions come to life. With her remarkable team by her side, she ensures that every project exceeds expectations and pushes the boundaries of creativity in the fashion industry.

Academic profile:

  • MA in Art Direction & Styling - Italy 

  • BA in Textile Engineering - Greece

  • Postgraduate studies in Costume Design & Scenography - Greece

  • Postgraduate studies in Fashion Design - Greece

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