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"Being stimulated by truthfulness, I need to feel emotionally connected with what I am doing and I approach my work with the belief  that visual aesthetics are the best narrator of any story. I am passionate about scenography; where combining all elements can convey a feeling or transport you to a new world, in a bubble. I pay tribute to research, accuracy and multitasking. Thrilled about the soul of fashion industry, the beginning of everything: fabric!"

Elena Michalea, is a freelance Art Director and Stylist who is constantly inspired by emotions and art. 

Her goal is to give a coherence to your fashion brand through photo & video campaigns, social media and web design. She initially begins by:

-Determining your target audience.

-Positioning your product and business.

-Defining your company's personality.


This way she can attract and retain loyal customers, for any fashion brand, by delivering visual communication that is always aligned with the quality of the brand's values.

Academic profile:

  • MA in Art Direction & Styling

  • BA in Textile Engineering 

  • Postgraduate studies in Costume Design & Scenography

  • Postgraduate studies in Fashion Design

+30 6975208161

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