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ĀLIGENÍS, an exciting new swimwear brand making its debut with the Summer 2024 collection. ĀLIGENÍS embodies the essence of Greece, drawing inspiration from our country's vibrant energy and timeless beauty. The swimwear designs reflect the sun-kissed beaches, lively parties, and effortless elegance of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

In my role as Art Director, I am responsible for crafting the visual narrative that defines ĀLIGENÍS.

From conceptualizing campaign themes for photo shoots to advising on website design and managing the social media presence, I shape every aspect of our brand's visual communication. By infusing creativity and strategic vision into our campaigns and branding efforts, I aim to establish ĀLIGENÍS as a symbol of confidence, empowerment, and feminine allure.

Join us on this journey as we introduce ĀLIGENÍS to the world, inviting women everywhere to embrace their inner beauty and celebrate life's most joyous moments in style. Our debut collection encapsulates the spirit of Greece, offering swimwear that not only looks stunning but also empowers women to feel confident and radiant. Let's dive into a world where fashion meets passion, and where every design tells a story of freedom and self-expression.

Role: Art Direction

        Social Media


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