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Fashion & Art Direction: Elena Michalea

Photographer: Thanassis Krikis
Staring: Katya Bybina & Daria

BR20 26-2.jpg
BR20 52.jpg

The whimsy creatures we are matched to contrast with, shift as the very winds or feather-grasses in the wind.

vintage materials.. contemporary patterns.. the perfect balance

BR20 40.jpg
BR20 42.jpg
BR20 26.jpg
BR20 25-2.jpg
BR20 36.jpg
BR20 18 TOP & BR20 19 SKIRT.jpg
BR20 18 TOP & BR20 19 SKIRT-2.jpg
BR20 47 SKIRT & BR2044 BLOUSE.jpg

romantic whimsy and bohemian aesthetic

beauty, feminity, and freedom

All rights reserved. Copyright: Elena Michalea © 2021

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