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Erka Mare is a well-established brand since 1975. Our collaboration for their re-branding starts with their social media image and the web design in 2020 and continues with the Art Direction of their Summer collection 2022 photo and video campaign. 

A vision to re-create a brand that sets new standards and establishes a new image according to the soft essence of summertime in Greece. The new brand’s visual identity exudes a modern edge while honors the unique shape of each female body by embracing the coziness of the sunny season and striking the unique take on what it means for a woman to look and feel at her ease.

An earthy color palette selected for the web design, coupled with the  bold logo that has endured since the launching of the brand, has conceived an alluring combination of  a fearless woman and a fresh, contemporary girl. The overall feeling showcases a nonchalance commanded by the relaxed and warm Mediterranean summertime sun.

Role: Re-branding

        Art Director 


        Web Design

        Social Media (till Feb. 2023)

ERKA CATALOGUE 2023_edited.jpg
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