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Forel has been a pillar of style and elegance since its inception in 1986.

Joining as Art Director, I've embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize and elevate the brand's visual identity and communication strategies, starting with the refreshing of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

In my role, I conceptualize and oversee innovative campaign strategies, curating captivating concepts for photo shoots that resonate with Forel's rich heritage and contemporary vision.


Embracing a forward-thinking approach, I breathe new life into the design language of newsletters, ensuring each communication piece reflects the brand's essence and resonates with its audience.

Beyond campaign development, I provide strategic guidance for the redesign of the website and contribute insights into anything has to do with the visual communication of the brand.


My goal is to harmonize every touchpoint of the brand experience, embodying Forel's essence of sophistication and modernity.

Together, we are crafting a compelling vision that celebrates creativity, style, and the vibrant spirit of contemporary fashion.


Role: Re-Branding


        Art Direction 

        Social Media



Forel Spring Summer  '24 
The enchanting lure of grunge boudoir soul.
- Art Direction 

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