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Kramma -which in Greek means “mixture”-  represents a blend of functional outfits with an elegant and refined twist in wardrobe for a generation that lives in a shifting world at an unprecedented pace.

 Kramma persona analyzes the signals of change, the impact those signals have on present and future and decides to be fearless and to celebrate in daily basis.

The brand DNA, comes from the question “who are women today and what do freedom and comfy mean to them?” and  always wants to keep an up to date style due to quickly shifting social norms. You can through Kramma's outfits in your suitcase and start travelling again; you can wear them and be chic yet comfy at any party as the post-lockdown innovation addresses the conflicting urges between dressing up  and stay comfortable. Kramma always strives for women to be free, elegant and comfortable.

Trying to find a visual code that works beyond stereotypes, staying loyal to true quality of materials as well as  classic techniques , Kramma is definitely a new-age brand you need to know about it. 

Role: Branding

        Art Director 

        Social Media

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