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Sea You Soon is a premium lifestyle concept brand dedicated to enhancing a coastal way of living. The brand is committed to everyone's innate nostalgia for the nurturing sea and in honor of an eternal summer.


The core of the brand is an unwavering nomadic spirit, for items that will be cherished across the years, throughout the years.


All the concepts for the campaigns of each collection, have to do with a minimal and natural aesthetic, through a rainbow of earth and sea tones combined with the unique spirit of the Mediterranean laid-back approach of life.


Whether through conveying a story of a happy couple or a story of buddies or family, every concept celebrates the summer hideouts, the feeling of the Mediterranean summer breeze and the simple pleasures of life.  Encourages the living of the moment.  Through each photo and video, I want to transmit the emotional state of warmth, openness and positivity. That relaxed feeling of contentment, satisfaction and joy that is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean way of life and can be experienced by anyone who is willing to embraces its values. 

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