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Zoya's first season launch was in the summer of 2014, as part of the well-established GHM Group founded in Greece in 1988.

The rebranding starts with the f/w '20/'21collection and is inspired by the personality of the two designers and owners, siblings Mano and George.

The two creators’ successfully blend their characteristic visions without sacrificing their unique identities. The result: a ‘90s rebel with a ‘70s romantic.

Contrasts are electrifying, but the captivating balance between their merging diverse identities creates an outcome that justifies early success.

The brand depicts: structure yet freedom; comfort yet devoid of sloppiness; well-dressed yet rooted in today’s reality. 

With the campaigns, we signpost how the Zoya_persona wants to live, and what is her point of view, her lifestyle. A #zoyagirl is bold, brave and restless. A woman who is definitely free-spirited, strong and cosmopolitan with a splash of nostalgia in her soul. She travels to New York and Berlin in winter and to Marrakesh and  Bali in summer.

Role: Re-Branding


        Art Director 

        Social Media


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